13th sight

The information on various events, situations, processes through a prism invisible by a usual sight, a sight through 13 measurement is published. Thin processes surround the dense world, visible with usual sight. Thin structures we have classification in which and we will study joint efforts of people which possess ability of viewing of such conditions. Having disassembled and having understood, as as works, it is possible to apply it to improvement of quality of the life. And for many it will be simple interesting and informative, as the world of the latent surprising things and events.



Is intended to give you the information on a matter of concern. The information can concern the present and future events. All events are registered on information fields round us and in other measurements, it is possible to see and make it concrete recommendations to the person about that as how and when to make, to improve the efficiency in this world, to become healthy and happy, correctly to plan the present and the future, to be in harmony with the Universe and the world. It can be absolutely different questions, the detailed description in section.


It is intended for an estimation of the future situations on cities and the countries in cases of large accidents or failures or other global events which can threaten a considerable quantity the person. The information on these events comes suddenly.


Is glad to welcome you on pages «the Project 13 measurement». My name is – Kljuchnik and I will accompany you in the world of 13th measurement. This world will help you for the decision of your problems of others of 13 measurements. Information on events or situations which haven't occurred yet, but can occur, depending on real steps undertaken on the data the moment. The information turns out at direct contact to representatives of other measurements through the intermediary and further can be transferred the interested person by means of dialogue through a private office (for activation press the button registration). 


Here you can learn:


As various processes, events, places through a prism of 13 measurements look;

To learn places of possible negative situations in the future (failure, etc.) to avoid possibility to be in the given place;

To consult on a question interesting you;

To modify space of possible risks to a minimum;

I wish pleasant travel to the world of "13 measurements».